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Layout is an official Instagram app to create photo collages and compositions. As such, it lets you combine up to nine pictures that you have saved on your Android memory, choosing from a wide range of different templates.

Creating a collage is really simple: you have to choose the pictures you want to use, select your preferred layout (vertical lines, horizontal lines, a combination, etc.), and then you can start editing in detail. When editing, you can change the size of the pictures, apply a mirror effect, or replace them with any other photo.

Although you can create a collage with the pictures saved on your device, Layout also has a photo booth mode, where you can create quick, funny, and dynamic compositions. In less than 15 seconds you can create a collage of funny selfies and publish it instantly.

Layout is a quality app that creates photo collages. Instagram is clearly behind the application as a whole: it's stable, all the features work perfectly, and the interface is easy to use and elegant. It might not be the first of its kind (there are already dozens of similar applications for Android), but Layout is probably the best of its kind.
Instagram releases Layout, its own collage-creating app

It’s odd, considering its status and media impact, that Instagram hasn’t gotten on this particular ball before. Layout is a completely independent tool that lets you create collages of your photos and manipulate them as desired (including with filters). You can post your collages to both Instagram and Facebook or any other social network associated with your smartphone. Having already been launched for iOS, Layout has now just been launched for Android.
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Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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